Smoker mod - Interim results

Ok so far I would surmise the following. Definitely easier to keep the temperature lower using only one basket. Also easier to keep a consistent temperature. The smoke flow is also perfect going right through the ribs and out the top vent. I dont think there's a better method than this when it comes to air flow through the Weber kettle. Now I could be wrong here but it also looks like im getting more smoke then the two basket method... But I could be just overly excited about the interm results lol.

Smoker mod

So far so good smoker mod working great perfect temperature!

Smoker mod for Weber Performer

Ok mods built thanks to and old industrial baking sheet :p. lets see how it works!
This should keep the ribs happy. Same idea as ones on YouTube but instead of firebricks and tinfoil I have opted for a more permanent solution.

Weber Performer Premium

Really easy set up