Smokin in a gas BBQ

Can it be done. Yes. Do you need a fancy smoker box? No. All you need is some tin foil, wood chips of your choice, and a fork. Pictures speak louder  then words so see below.

Rotisserie Chicken

Just a quick view of the rotisserie chicken cooking today. Notice how the edge of the drip pan is halfway over the burner.  With the drippings and water in the drip tray set up like this the heat will evaporate the water and also smoke the chicken  as the fat burns off at the edge of the tray.  by setting it up this way you're also guaranteed that your chicken will not go up in flames!


Ok have to apologise here. Due to technical dificulties and 1 to many rye and cokes the previous rib session did not get the results posted :(. I  can say however that they were the best ones yet! Im definitley ready to compete.


in at 1 pm

omg these smell amazing

and there not even cooked yet!

Fire on!

start 12 pm

May 24 Ribs part 1

Preped and ready, cant wait for tommorow :)